Advantages of Exhibiting at KENYA 5P

التعرف عن قرب على الأفكار والابتكارات والرؤى الصناعية الحديثة من خلال الالتقاء وجهاً لوجه مع كبار رجال الصناعة
Being in receipt of new creations and industrial philosophies through
networking with key industry innovators and creative thinkers

التقدم بخطوات عن المنافسين
Remaining onward as far as competition is concerned

متابعة أحدث ما تم التوصل اليه والاتجاهات الحديثة في مجال التكنولوجيا الصناعية
Tracing the up-to-the-minute technology tendencies

التعريف بمنتجات الشركة على نطاق واسع
Creating wide-spread attentiveness to the brand

المقابلة الشخصية وجهاً لوجه مع العملاء والمشترين المحتملين على الصعيد المحلي والأقليمي
Meeting a wide-section of the region’s top industrialists

تحقيق قيمة مضافة للإتجاهات التسويقية للشركات العارضة
Adding value to the influence of marketing activities

الوصول الى عملاء جدد يصعب الوصول اليهم عن طريق وسائل التسويق التقليدية
Reaching customers not reached before through regular promotion means

تقديم المنتجات للزائرين بأفضل وسائل العرض المطبوعة والمرئية والمسموعة
Educating customers with publications and audio-visual materials

الإلتقاء بالعملاء الحاليين وتكوين علاقات عمل وشراكات استراتيجية مع العملاء المستقبليين
Developing relationships with present and soon-to-be customers

Promotion Campaign

The enormous campaign to promote KENYA 5P cuts through current industrial marketing challenges. The theme of this campaign is to turn the show into “The Ultimate
Regional Forum for Plastics, Petrochemicals, Packaging, Printing and Paper
industries”; in other words, the primary goal is to make this event the ultimate meeting place for on-site contracting decisions where all the ranges and prices are available under one roof for buyers and sellers.

Visitor Invitations
VIP Invitations

Editorial & Advertisements in key regional and local newspapers

Radio Commercials in prime times

Huge outdoor promotion campaign

Social Media and online promotion

Pre-show and post-show coverage in regional and international specialized magazines

International & Regional Show Visits


Kenya Plastics
  • ★ Raw Materials, Polymers, Resins & Components
    ★ Machinery & Equipment for Plastics & Rubber industries
    ★ Agriculture and Irrigation Necessities
    ★ Sanitary-ware, Pipes & Hoses
    ★ Feeding Industries & Engineering Plastics
    ★ Household Products
    ★ Packaging & Containers
    ★ Film Applications
    ★ Flexible Packaging
    ★ Fittings
    ★ Recycling Machinery
    ★ Ancillary Equipment
    ★ Thermo Plastics
    ★ Additives
    ★ Plastic Machinery Parts & Components
    ★ Plastic Recycling Technologies
    ★ Plastic Filtering Systems
    ★ Plastic Blow Moulds
    ★ Pet Bottle Moulds
    ★ Injection Moulds
    ★ Plastic Products
Kenya Petrochemicals

★ Adhesive Chemicals
★ Agrochemicals
★ Biocides
★ Chemical Engineering Equipment &
★ Automation Equipment
★ Chemical Mines
★ Dyestuffs & Pigments
★ Fertilizers and Agro Chemicals
★ Fine & Specialty Chemicals
★ Fine Chemicals & Chemicals for
★ Special Purpose
★ Food Chemicals
★ Organic & Inorganic Chemical Raw
★ Materials
★ Paint, Ink & Sealant Chemicals
★ Paper Chemicals
★ Petrochemical Equipment, Products & Technologies
★ Petrochemicals & Processing
★ Soap & Detergent chemicals
★ Water Treatment Chemicals

Kenya Printing

★ Offset Printing Plates
★ Printing Cylinders
★ Printing Auxiliary
★ Press Agencies
★ Printing Supplies Agencies
★ Metal Laser Engraving
★ Laser Die Cutting
★ Used Press (Imported)
★ Printing Software
★ Printing Services
★ Self-Adhesive Tapes & Materials
★ International Printing Equipment Manufacturers
★ Pre-Owned Printing Equipment Suppliers
★ Graphic Art Suppliers
★ Printing Plates & Films
★ Offset Printing
★ Silk Screen Printing
★ Outdoor Digital Printing
★ Flexible & Non-Flexible Packaging
★ Printing & Materials
★ Corrugated Carton
★ Tinplate Printing
★ Souvenir Wrapping Paper

Kenya Papers

★ Carbonless Paper
★ Coated Art Paper & Board
★ Converted Papers
★ Craft Paper
★ Packaging Paper
★ Photo Paper
★ Recycled Paper
★ Specialty Paper
★ Sticker Paper
★ Uncoated Paper
★ Waste Paper
★ Wrapping Paper
★ Adhesives and Other Paper
★ Chemicals
★ Functional Paper Chemicals
★ Paper Process Chemicals
★ Pollution Control Equipment

Kenya Packaging

★ Automated Packing Lines / Conveyors
★ Bagging/ Sealing & Strapping
★ Packaging Materials & Supplies
★ Bloom Stamping & Baling
★ Bottle Filling
★ Capping & Over-Capping
★ Cartooning Technology
★ Filling/ Conveying/ Dosing
★ Packaging Machines
★ Packaging Devices
★ Packaging Appliances
★ Packaging Materials
★ Packaging Aids
★ Glass Containers
★ Glass Bottling & Re-filling Machinery
★ Glass Products


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